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Naming Your Novel

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I am not the best namer. I can create an entire world from nothing, dream up imaginary characters, plots, and dialogue, but trying to come up with a name for it all has me stumped! Is writers block with a title a thing?

I’m probably freezing up from all the pressure. The title is the first thing people will judge my book on and decide if they actually want to pick it up, open it, and scan the first paragraph. I nailed the first paragraph…I just need to get them to it. 🙂

I googled for some help and came up with three articles that I’m pretty confident will help me name my novel. This first article has a lot of great suggestions, some that I never thought about. There are a lot of different strategies to use when choosing a name, such as using poetic language, action words, or one word titles, and they use popular titles as examples.

This second article  also gave good advice, but this one quote really stood out to me: 

“You can’t have strong positive responses without strong negative responses, and beware — above all — the lukewarm reception from all.  ‘Oh, that’s nice. I think it’s pretty good,’ is a death sentence.” 

I think this is really good to remember when naming your book. People can’t wait to tell you how to write, what to change, or offer their opinions about your work and why on earth would they stop with the naming of your book? Aim for strong responses and just hope they are more positive than negative.

This last article offers 5 good tips on naming your book. The last tip talks about how your title might be changed by your editor anyways, so stay flexible. Even amazing authors like Tolkien had their titles changed. His last book in Lord of the Rings was changed and he didn’t care for it because he thought it gave too much away, but look how successful it was!

So, I guess I’ll start playing around with some of these ideas to come up with a name. Wish me luck!

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