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How I Overcame Writer’s Block

Lately I’ve been on a huge writing kick, which has been really wonderful because I had been dealing with a bit of writer’s block for a while now.

I reached a point in my novel where I’m writing the last scenes leading up to the final chapter. I’ve been consumed with building tension, moving the plot along, and making sure the motivation of my characters makes sense to the reader, so that their actions seem plausible. Over thinking these things caused me a bad case of writer’s block.

I just wasn’t sure where to go next. Adding to that dilemma was that a new character was suddenly introduced and became a much bigger part then I had originally envisioned. She literally changed the ending, and just like that, I had nothing—and I was back to square one.

I thought and stewed over it for quite a while. I forced myself to write but I was just writing unusable nonsense that didn’t actually help my plot. I was just forcing things to happen and it didn’t feel good.

As a result, I got burnt out fast. And I started getting really tired of my book—hating it actually—and it became such a chore. I couldn’t fix it and every new idea felt like garbage.

What helped me overcome writer’s block and mounting frustration was going back to the beginning of my story. I hadn’t read what I wrote for so long because I was trying to get ahead on my word count.

That caused me to have a major disconnect from my story.

So that’s what I started doing. Rereading and editing the beginning of my story. Adding details, fleshing out scenes, making descriptions meatier.

And it’s been awesome.

Not only do I like my book again—I’m excited about it! I feel like I’m firmly in control of the story now that I’ve become re-acquainted with my characters. This is helping me write new scenes and giving me new ideas that actually better the story.

My plan is to continue reading through my story, editing & tweaking, until I reach the part I originally became blocked at. Then I believe I’ll be able to just plow right through and continue writing because everything will be fresh and organized in my head.

Retracing my steps and taking a break from creating to editing has been so beneficial to me. If you’re experiencing writer’s block and want to overcome it, give it a try!

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