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Writing a Book: Feedback Is Magical

For the past few months, I’ve put all my free time toward editing and gaining feedback on my book. Since finishing my first draft, I’ve added almost 30,000 words to the book—completely unintentionally. Many of these words came from rewriting scenes and adding some much need transitions to really make the story flow. It’s been awhile… Continue reading Writing a Book: Feedback Is Magical

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A Rare Find in an Antique Store

Along with old bookstores, libraries, and coffee shops, I love visiting good antique stores. There is something about shifting through aisles full of worn trinkets, in library-like silence, to find a treasure. I’m usually on the hunt for old leather books, typewriters, and crystal decanters. I’m so lucky to live in the south, where antique… Continue reading A Rare Find in an Antique Store